Saturday, April 9, 2011


The dreadedness has arrived... HAIR AND MAKEUP. I'd say that, next to accessories, this is the farthest from my field of expertise seeing as how I've mostly had SHORTSHORT hair and minimal makeup going on in my life. My hair's growing out some and my New Year's resolution last year was to wear more red lipstick (starting from ground zero I can definitely say that I kept that resolution), but dramatic makeup and styled hair isn't really my forte.

So I brought in the fair C.E. Morgan and we went on a makeup styles bender yesterday at Nordstroms - services provided by MAC, Chanel, Bobby Brown and Clarins. Let's just say my lips were rubbed raw after the colorful stylings of the day... We went through a bunch of lip looks, from Jersey Girl to VaVa Vamp to Mad Men to Blushing Bride... The first was the most traumatic, and we began to realize we needed to move on toward Chanel when the lady started going on about my olive-toned skin and cotton candy pink matte lipstick. ha. Have you seen me? Yeah, no olive. I wish.

I think we managed to narrow the look(s) down to a nice neutral peachy pink palatte for starters, followed by (of course) Mad Men power pout for the party mode. Let's just call the two looks the Betty and the Joan. ;) Of course. You can see on my blog how influenced I am by everything I see, so it only makes sense that, 3 seasons into Mad Men it's now in our wedding.

Which brings us to hair...

You'll notice that the two photos above have kind of similar do's going on... because I think I've decided to get my hair bobbed. Its kind of at that point where, if we try really hard we can manage an up-do with a lot of bobby pins, but I'm kinda thinkin' I have something else in mind.

The bigger decision here is whether to do a more traditional 50's bob and style or whether to make it look a little more modern. I see a hair consultation in my near future... :)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The Groomsmen.

Who'd have thought the groomsmen would be one of my biggest challenges in planning this wedding? We still don't know who's coming for sure (there are about 8 of them) or what their sizes are, and it appears that, when cornered, many of them think they are XLs - "the baggier the better." When asked for "suit measurements" as well as "sizes" the resounding "?????" was deafening. Apart from shrieking "Measurements are numbers and sizes are letters!!!" over and over, I've just kind of left the question marks hanging in the air and have retreated to my happy place...

UNTIL NOW. We're six weeks out and time is getting thinner: I need to get to gettin'!

I've gone back and forth about what to do to ensure everyone looks their best, debating whether to rent suits (option 1), buy them pants/shirts/ vests/suspenders (option 2), or have them bring their own (option 3)...

One of the groomsmen was notoriously in a wedding last year to which he wore a powder blue tuxedo and ruffled shirt. I saw it with my own (horrified) eyes. So option 3 is just out of the picture. ha. Option 1 was looking pretty good until I started looking at the suits available in our area. Since we have no idea who's coming when, it seems like a bit of a lost cause to assume that they'll have the time to get measured and have the suits fitted. And the guys are ideally more of a relaxed "we wear vests instead of jackets" bunch. The only vest rentals I have found in Richmond are shiny or brocade-y, so that's a nix. I thought maybe I could find tweed, flannel, linen or cotton vests on ebay for everyone in a nice range of greys and taupes... but no luck up to now and I don't even have their sizes anyways. It's a lost battle from the get-go.

I'm sure by now those of you who aren't like me are saying "who cares, just pick something." I didn't put all this time and effort into letting boys defeat my overall aesthetic! I'll figure this out!

So here's what I'm thinking now. Suspenders. Sounds a little hokey, but with mismatched striped ties, colored shirts and grey or brown pants... I think it might work. A little quirky still, no stuffy suits (end of May, y'all, outdoors) but they look like some effort has been made by someone who cares. Right? I think I like the skinnier ties and suspenders better but I need to see them on. CHARLIE! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Finally, I've completed (well, started at least, only *fill in blank* more to go...) a DIY craft project! Woo hoo! I've decided to customize my gown and also have some other plans for these little babies...

So I'll be working on flowers this weekend, just saving money like a mad woman. ha.

A quick rundown of the process...

I chose to use four different fabrics and pearl beads, but that's totally open to interpretation. I knew that I wanted to make at least 20, so I bought enough fabric for about 50 flowers - which was 3/8 of a yard of each material. I chose faux silk, tulle and lace.

I followed the tutorial I found on the website Holiday Crafts and Creations, printed out the flower template, and got to cuttin'. I get impatient early on, so I did them 4/5 at a time, and it worked out great. I need to get some new scissors because I was using my hair scissors and they aren't cut out (heh heh) for crafting.

Once you cut the materials, you use a candle and your perceptive eye to singe/curl the edges, and then sew the various bits together along with the pearls.

I'm sure it took me forever to get going but I had a glass of wine and a good time, so don't be daunted! Once you get your groove down you can blow through these babies. The longest/most painstaking portion of the project is carefully curling the fabric with fire. Polyester doesn't like to be lit, and feels like plastic burning into your skin, so's you know.

I'm gonna make a hundred of these!